01. Challenge

Flipkart, India’s one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, faced a massive gap between its brand awareness and consideration, despite being a household name and a confident choice in the business spheres. 

    Our research identified three major points of resistance that were feeding this gap among the potential sellers and demanded to be tackled:

    • Extensive Paperwork
    • Scope of Growth
    • Wide Reach
    • The challenge was that while the target audiences were aware about where to sell, little did they know how & easy it was to sell.
    • While we had to break the myths around complexity of online-selling, it was also imperative to affirm how Flipkart was an ideal choice when it comes to ease of online business.
02. Solution

Flipkart met these challenges with solutions by reducing the paperwork to merely GST, Pan Details and Product Catalogue; creating a seller learning portal to educate the sellers on growing their businesses; and making delivery of products convenient through its extensive delivery support system.

    • On the marketing end, the responsibility fell on us to ensure that this message went out clear and confidently to the potential audiences. Hence came into the picture - #BachonKaKhel.
    • With a humorous tone and content, as the name suggests, Bachon Ka Khel implied that selling on Flipkart was as easy as a child’s play. We created three films, each one targeting one of the core challenges in a conversational, casual set-up of a family business.
03. Result

Since its launch, Bachon Ka Khel has helped Flipkart build a strong consideration among the seller community. With around 30 million views overall, the campaign garnered 170 million impressions, approximately 4.5 times more than the projected number.  

    • Their Cost per acquisition reduced significantly to half of its previous value, and the GST conversion rate moved from 2% to 5%.
    • It received tremendous recognition and got featured by top publishers like Brand Equity, Social Samosa, Mad Over Marketing, Adgully & more, a testament to its success which continues to deliver great results.

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