We know when you make platform positioning for your brands, you do make sure to include Instagram in your strategy. Facebook/Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn- Each of the platforms come back with new advancements, features, and changes to acquire more audience retention and engagement. 

When each platform is constantly changing its algorithm or coming up with new features, why should your strategy be outdated? Keeping an eye on new pop-ups and testing out new features become crucially to level up your promotion game. 

Here are our suggestions on growing Instagram engagements:

Create Video (sharable) Content 

To keep people engaged, use more video content since videos require people to stay and watch.  They’re the best way to start developing more good connections with people and improve your Instagram engagement rate.

There are multiple ways you can incorporate video into your Instagram content strategy: video main-feed posts, Stories, Lives, and IGTV. 

Listen and aware your audience

Go topical and be aware of the current happenings. Currently, everyone is talking about Covid-19. It has impacted every individual’s life. Brands should not refrain from talking about it.  

Use interactive stickers in stories

500 million accounts use Instagram Stories every single day, with mostly everyone swiping through Stories, so we don’t have to tell you the importance of Instagram stories for your promotions. However, did you know IG stickers also play an important role in increasing your page engagements?  Yes, we are talking about the emoji slider, the quiz, poll, and question stickers.

Whether you want to know what your audience thinks about your products or simply want to entertain your followers, stickers make your stories interactive and fun!

Use Call to action, everywhere! 

If you want it, ask for it! (Subtly) . Without asking your audience to engage with your content, you probably won’t get it. Don’t hold back to adding CTA call outs such as: Like and comment, tag a friend, DM for more information, share your thoughts, drop an emoji!

Don’t forget about the Hashtags

The classic go-to for increasing engagements on Instagram. Hashtags create great visibility and reach for campaign promotion, as well as helps in reaching your target audience by using relevant hashtags that you know your audience is following. When used to promote an event, the hashtag not only connects you with your followers but your followers with each other. 

Stay updated with new features and advancements

Getting into new features before everybody else does, marketers stand to benefit from the higher reach and improved engagement and Instagram has been known to favor brands and accounts that make the most of its new features, pushing innovative content to explore section.  


Go back and see what types of content have performed best for your brand to date. Notice any trends in topic or medium (carousel/video/static image) and work on creating more of what works. Don’t forget to experiment and analyze new trends and formats to understand the audience so you create content they just have to engage with.