The pandemic hasn’t spared anyone. Everybody is bearing the brunt of this unseen threat. Wherever you are, it’s impacting your life in unimaginable ways. Every industry is suffering & advertising is no exception. The apprehensions of brands, publishers and advertisers are natural since supply chains have been widely disrupted. 

In such a scenario, the question is how to add value without showcasing products & services? 

Well, the crisis has once again highlighted one of the golden rules of branding – a brand reaches it’s desired position when it starts acting like a human being,  made of emotions and sentiments! 

 Here’s 5 tips to remember while advertising your brand in these troubled times. 

Understand your audience’s sentiments

If you’re just showcasing your brand offerings and asking your audience to buy them after the lockdown, you are probably doing it wrong. Understanding the fact that the needs and behaviour of the consumers is changing drastically holds the key to a successful campaign, especially in this scenario. Even more than before, it is vital for the message to resonate with the emotions of your audience through relatable stories. More than the product(s), let your brand speak at this hour. Tell them how much you care for them and what you can do to reduce their troubles.  Along with higher brand recall, this will help you realize the tastes and preferences of your audience. So, use this lockdown period to build your brand.  

Build an effective digital campaign to ‘HEAR’ what your customers have to say

What’s happening around is so novel that coming up with an appropriate reaction is a challenge. Although a ‘new normal’ is steadily setting in, it’s yet to take its full shape. Rather than speaking out by anticipating, it will be wiser to listen from those who will ultimately use the brand, the target audience.

How will you improvise your digital strategy and listen to your customers and what they want? You can run digital campaigns to interact with the existing customers, acquire new ones, and garner more awareness, just like what you used to do back in the ‘normal’ days. For example, if you’re an eCommerce platform who can’t sell products at the moment, create content where you ask your audience what do they prefer out of the range of options you provide. 

Amplify User Generated Content

It’s never more when it comes to listening from your consumers! Let your audience speak for you and create content that defines your brand. We know you’ve done it for your other promotional campaigns to trend and get viral but, in today’s times, user generated content is the reflection of the actual strength of your brand. It will help you gauge the support you can expect from your customers after the lockdown. The best example here would be of Nike’s campaign where they have asked their online community to share workout routines. Guess what, it’s gaining significant traction!

Gratify your audience

UGC and gratification go hand in hand. Let your audience feel good about themselves. Of course, your products did that for them but now that you’re not directly selling, so why not uplift their spirit from an activity that’s backed by your brand! This, in return, will help in creating higher brand recall and credibility. From the customers, by the customers! Obviously, you can send them goodies after the lockdown ends.


Colors reflect the emotions which words, at times, fail to do. If you want to develop a campaign to effectively reach out to your potential audience, use brighter and cheerful colors. The last thing someone needs right now is a dull creative.    

To sum up, the rules of the post-pandemic world is going to be different. But, expressing concern and love will always yeild value. This is the right time for brands to be more humane and talk to their audience as a caring friend, guide and philosopher!