Best ads of 2020


The rebirth of racism. Maybe it was always there, a lot of us just chose to look past it. The Ongoing Debate on Nepotism in the Hindi Film Industry. Cancelling of The Olympics after 80 years.

2020 has been nothing like other years we have known in the recent past. It’s changed the way we think, work and live. Brands have had to resort to some real ‘out of the box’ thinking to stay relevant and yet not seem insensitive to the larger narrative playing all over the world. 

Here is our pick of some of the most brilliant, moving, superbly executed, campaigns of 2020.This is picked from campaigns across the world. It was tough to pick just 5 because there are so many stunning ones out there. Nevertheless, here it goes. 


During the peak of the pandemic, when the world of hospitals were in absolute mayhem, several pictures of doctors and nurses came out in the public. Their faces scarred and abused from the continuous use of masks, were the truest and grimmest indication of the tragedy that had gripped the world. 

Dove spoke about beauty in the face of all this. Without a voice, without a script, with just faces, Dove told a thoughtful story of beauty in courage. 



This was a hilarious extension of their earlier successful Apple at work, released just about a year ago. Not only does it show what it is to work at Apple, but it captures the truth about working from home. It’s messy, unruly and not fun! But why do bosses care, right? The team is trying to work in an extremely challenging domestic environment. Yes, it is about 7 minutes long. But you don’t feel that for a second! That’s the power of beautiful story telling, you are engrossed now matter how long or short it is. 

The whole working-from-home thing — Apple



A company/ brand that facilitates moving, is thanking people for not moving. The ad gathers  footage or people at home. The music starts with a cue to depict loss or sadness. But very soon turns to fun and upbeat, indicating all is not bad. People are working out at home with their dog jumping around, someone is sharing a glass of wine on a virtual dinner, someone is sharing a silent cozy hug with their partner. It ends with Uber asking everyone to stay home for those who can’t. 

Thank You For Not Riding | Uber



This is perhaps the simplest of ideas as far as designing an ad goes. But it’s also one of the most demanding. We cannot imagine the sheer amount of footage one must have combed through to match them perfectly. Not almost perfectly, but PERFECTLY. The ad features 53 athletes across 24 sports and has clocked 58 million views in a month. Yes, there is brilliant storytelling. But the star of this video is the seamless editing. Nothing but visual wizardry, this. 

You Can’t Stop Us | Nike



We want to say a lot about this one. But can’t. It cannot be compared to any of the others on the list. It’s not about the pandemic or safety. It’s nuanced, yet perfectly manages to state so many issues that women face without saying a word. Women, across the world, irrespective of their caste, colour, culture , will find themselves in this one. A brilliant mix of visuals and animation. A perfect interplay of music and editing. Bodyform: #wombstories

We still have about a quarter to go in 2020. Though the year has been a bit of a rough ride, various studies suggest that compelling and powerful storytelling will benefit brands in the long run. As you can see from the examples above, there is no one size fits all. The length does not matter. As long as the story is told. 

Watch Arte Media’s Power of Storytelling video here

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