Panasonic SmartPhone's
#SOMuchToDo xArtE

Panasonic SmartPhone’s #SOMuchToDo xArtE

About the brand 

Panasonic Smart Phones, a leading smartphone brand in India believes in providing top
quality devices with its one of a kind mission: to make technology available to every
individual. Panasonic India’s history of connecting people came into existence with the
launch of in-car phones in the year 1971. From then to until now, Panasonic
Smartphones has reached and achieved many milestones and has successfully made
its mark in the feat of creating affordable yet powerful smartphones.

Problem statement

Panasonic was launching its new smartphone Eluga A3 Pro. It wanted to reach
consumers across the country in a unique way.


Arte Media wanted to do something different in terms of reach, wanted to go beyond the
digital and social aspects of Marketing.
With a phone, a lot can be done, including capturing the length and breadth of the
Arte Launched a campaign called #SoMuchToDo wherein we took one phone across
the 29 states in 29 days to showcase there is so much to see and do in the


The campaign covered a total length of 25k kilometres and was trending for 132
Total engaged users were 81000 and total reach of the campaign in 29 days was 120
million . The campaign also made it to the India book of records for covering 29
states in 29 countries, awarding a smartphone everyday.